Lite Spikes – Who Are We and What Do We Do?

Who Is Lite Spikes?

Lite Spikes is based in Albury NSW, on the NSW/VIC Border and is owned and operated by an ‘aths family’.  It all started for us when we found it near impossible to source quality spikes for our three Little Athletes that were legal to use on synthetic tracks locally. We found some Omni Lite spikes and loved them. One thing lead to another, we started selling a few spikes and believed there was a market out there for Omni Lites.  Lite Spikes was created and we were awarded the Authorised Australian Distributorship of Omni Lite – high performance, light weight ceramic aluminium replacement track and field spikes.
We also stock Calnano heavy duty solid steel spike wrenches which are made to last a lifetime and will not warp, bend or buckle like many OEM wrenches you get with a new pair of shoes.  Calnano is a Sister company of Omni Lite Industries.
Lite Spikes has slowly but surely continued to grow.  Athletes of all ages are beginning to realise there is an option to heavy steel spikes.  Our customers range from Little Athletes, Coaches all the way up to Australian Olympians.  Our reach has recently expanded overseas to New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Omni Lite – Approved For Synthetic Track Surfaces.

Athletics Venues are begining to take note of the fact that Omni Lite spikes offer their investment the best protection possible and will not adversely affect their track warranty.  In fact, Omni Lite spikes have been inspected and tested by Polytan who construct and install most, if not all, of the synthetic athletic tracks in Australia. Polytan have formally approved the use of Omni Lite spikes on their track surfaces. Omni Lite spikes also conform to Polytan’s track surface warranty requirements.

Polytan approval of Omni Lite spikes.

Omni Lites come in a range of styles, sizes and colours. We stock Pyramid spikes in 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm and 13mm sizes. Xmas Trees in 5mm and 7mm. Jump spikes in 7mm and Blanks.
Omni Lite spikes are powder coated aluminium. They will not rust like steel spikes can and will not get stuck in your shoes.
Omni Lite 7mm black pyramids and 7mm blue xmas tree spikes.

Where Can I Get Some?

We sell our Omni Lite and Calnano products via our online store, on eBay and we are also happy to discuss wholesale sales to shoe/sports stores and athletic clubs.  We have a number of Retail Stores and Little Athletics Centres stocking our spikes and would love to see more Centres offering Omni Lites to their Members.  Here are just a few of our stockists.

It is very important that you do not walk or run on hard surfaces such as concrete and bitumen. This is a very quick way to ruin the spikes.
If you have any questions about spikes at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thanks for your interest in Lite Spikes.
Blair Talbot

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