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Lite Spikes is the Authorised Australian Distributor of Omni Lite Ceramic Aluminium Track and Field Spikes.  Why should you upgrade to Omni Lite replacement ceramic track and field spikes?

Omni Lite Spikes

  • Patented space-age ceramic aluminium material
  • Light weight.  Omni Lite spikes weigh just 1/3 the weight of traditional steel track and spikes
  • High performance for those athletes that want to be the best they can be
  • Omni Lite spikes will not rust or corrode making for easy removal when the time comes like steel spikes can
  • Available in Christmas Tree, Pyramid, High Jump and Blank styles
  • Available in a range of sizes and colours

Omni Lite spikes have been inspected and tested by leading synthetic track manufacturer and installer – Polytan.  Polytan have approved both Omni Lite christmas tree and pyramid spikes for use on their synthetic tracks which in turn means you won’t risk voiding the warranty of the track by using non-approved spikes.  Omni Lite 5mm, 7mm and 9mm pyramid spikes are the ONLY pyramid spikes permitted at the NSW Dept of Sport Narrabeen venue.



WHOLESALE ENQUIRIES – please contact us for further information and pricing on selected spikes.

Omni Lite Spikes

Upgrade your spikes to Omni Lite replacement ceramic track and field spikes.

We have four different styles of Omni Lite Spikes in stock catering to all track and field events as well as grass and synthetic track surfaces.

PYRAMID SPIKES – great all round spikes suitable for all events.

  • 5mm
  • 7mm
  • 9mm
  • 13mm

CHRISTMAS TREE SPIKES – designed to compress the surface of the track to provide energy back to the athlete.  Suitable for short sprint/hurdles, middle distance and pole vault events.

  • 5mm
  • 7mm

BLANKS – designed to cover the hole if you remove a spike that is in an annoying position to your foot and stop the spike hole from rusting or clogging up with dirt.

JUMPS – high Jump spikes.

Here is a guide for recommended spike usage.

50m – 400m Sprints – 5mm or 7mm Christmas Tree

Sprint Hurdles – 5mm or 7mm Christmas Tree

800m – 1500m Middle Distance – 7mm Christmas Tree or 7mm Pyramid

3km – 10km Distance – 5mm Pyramid

Cross Country – 5mm, 7mm, 9mm or 13mm Pyramid.  (Harder surface use shorter spike.)

Long Jump/Triple Jump – 7mm Pyramid

High Jump – 7mm Jump Spikes or 7mm, 9mm Pyramid

Javelin – 7mm, 9mm or 13mm Pyramid

Pole Vault – 7mm Christmas Tree or 7mm Pyramid

Grass Surface – 7mm, 9mm or 13mm Pyramid (Harder surface use shorter spike.)


Omni Lite replacement track and field spikes are a premium spike available to use instead of heavier steel spikes that are typically supplied with your shoes and readily available in sports stores.  Omni Lites are made of a ceramic aluminium and weigh only 1/3 the weight of traditional steel spikes.  With that weight advantage there is a trade off in that Omni Lite spikes may wear quicker than steel, particularly if they aren't looked after and are walked over hard surfaces.

Spikes are no different than the tyres of your car, they are the point of contact with the track surface.  If you mistreat the tyres on your car, they will wear out quicker than normal.  The same applies to your spikes irrespective of what they are made of.

Here are a few points that we recommend all athletes do to get the very best out of their spikes.

  • AVOID HARD SURFACES.  Please do not walk, jog or run on hard surfaces like concrete or bitumen when wearing your spikes.  Hard surfaces will damage your Omni Lite spikes in no time at all.
  • There is no need to over tighten Omni Lite spikes when you install them in your shoes.  Just nip them up and check them regularly, particularly before competition.
  • Check your Omni Lites for signs of wear regularly.  Again just like the tyres on your car, if and when you notice signs of your spikes wearing, rotate them around your shoe.  Typically the spikes on one side of your shoe will wear more than the other side depending on your pronation.  Simply move the spikes around on the shoe which may help to even out the wear on the spikes and increase their life span.
  • Most running shoes have 10-12 spikes per pair of shoes.  We sell Omni Lites in bags of 14 or 20 so you will always have plenty of spares when the time comes to replace worn spikes.
  • The colour of the spikes will eventually wear off.  This is entirely normal and is a cool way to see just how far your spikes actually push in to the track and is another good indicator of pronation and just which spikes are working the hardest as you propel yourself  down the track.

T&C's, Privacy and Postage


  • Your order will be posted to you within 2 business days of receiving your payment.  If for some reason this is not possible, we will be in touch to let you know of any delays.
  • If you choose to pay via direct deposit, please send us an email to advise your payment has been made so we can keep an eye out for it.


Lite Spikes values our own privacy and we feel the very same way about yours.  We will not knowingly distribute or sell your information to anyone or third party - ever!


Lite Spikes is based in Regional NSW.  Postage times from our area often differ to the postage times afforded to larger city areas.  We will guarantee to have your order in the mail to you within 2 business days of placing your order.  As we are sure you can appreciate, we have no control over how long it takes Australia Post to deliver your order to you once it has left our hands.

We offer several postage options to give you the flexibility to choose how you would like us to send your order to you.  We recommend choosing an option that includes tracking.

Standard Post is the cheapest option.  We can get up to 8 bags delivered at the standard rate of $2.50 or 9-16 bags for $3.50.  Please note, there is NO tracking or insurance with standard post.

Registered Post is our recommended option for orders up to 8 bags.  The cost of Registered Post is $7.00 which includes online tracking and up to $100 insurance.   We prefer Registered Post over Express Post because Australia Post will not guarantee overnight delivery using Express Post and there is no insurance included with it.

Express Post (Signature On Delivery) - is another option that offers online tracking on your order.  Please be aware that Australia Post will NOT guarantee overnight delivery from our location.  Express Post does NOT offer any type of insurance on your order.  The cost of Express Post is $7.00 and we would expect orders using Express Post to potentially arrive quicker than standard or registered post.

Australia Post - Parcel Post (Up to 500gr) provides you with tracking but NO insurance.  The cost of parcel post is $9.00.  We can post up to 35 bags using this shipping option.

Aramex Couriers (previously Fastway Couriers) is another option that any of our customers can choose and will be used for large orders (8 or more bags).   Aramex offers comprehensive online tracking and to date we have not had any issues with their service.  Aramex satchels start from as little as $8.50 for delivery within the Aramex network.  If you are outside of the Aramex network please get in touch with us to discuss other delivery options for you.

For bulk orders, the following Aramex satchels are available.
A4 - $12.00 (bulk orders up to 90 bags)
A3 - $15.00 (bulk orders 90-270 bags)
A2 - $17.50 (bulk orders 270-450 bags)

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