Off Leash Athletics


Off Leash Athletics is based in Albury NSW and offers sprint training for not only track and field athletes but also sports men and women looking to improve their speed, flexibility, co-ordination and sprinting efficiency.  Apart from possibly lawn bowls, I can’t think of any outdoor sport where explosive speed is not an advantage to you individually or your team.

Our sprint training sessions focus heavily on preparing yourself for training or competition by way of a comprehensive warm up routine and a range of event specific drills.  We will address –

  • Sprint mechanics (technique)
  • Race Craft
  • Starting correctly whether that be using standing starts, 3 point or 4 point starts or block starts.

Of course, your co-ordination, fitness and flexibility will improve as you continue your training with us.

As well as the sprint sessions, we also have a keen interest in sprint hurdles, long jump and triple jump events.  Training in these events can also be arranged.  Our jump sessions are more than just running and jumping in the pit over and over again.  Our hurdles sessions are similar and involve a range of specific drills to enhance speed and rhythm over the hurdles.

For more information head to the Off Leash Athletics website.