The Lite Spike Tool is designed for use with our Omni Lite spikes.  100% Australian Made using 2mm Australian Stainless Steel, the Lite Spike Tool will last a life time.

The Lite Spike Tool is a spike wrench and spike gauge all in one.  A must for all Athletics Centres to check the length of competitors spikes and handy enough to be able to remove and install spikes as well.  All of the cut outs are designed to be used as a wrench so it doesn’t matter what awkward angle the flats of the spikes are on, there should be a section of the tool you can use.

If you just want a Spike Wrench then check out our Calnano Spike Wrench.

Whilst designing this tool we quickly realised that there isn’t a standard sizing amongst the steel spikes out there.  The Lite Spike Tool may fit most steel spikes out there, if it doesn’t, you might like to file the opening a bit wider to accommodate your particular brand of spikes.  Or better still, buy some Lite Spikes to give you every chance of being the best you can be and making full use of the Lite Spike Tool.

Why do you need a spike gauge?  Have a look at the image of the steel spike sitting in the gauge.  It is actually 8mm long and is technically an illegal spike for use in most sprint events on synthetic tracks.  So what?  Well athletics venues with synthetic tracks may void the track’s warranty if they allow spikes over 7mm in length on the track surface.   You don’t want to be caught out in a call room minutes before you are due to run with illegal length spikes and then have to madly find replacements and change spikes.

Weight 31 g


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